Due to COVID-19 LashMania Studio will be closed until further notice

Covid-19 Update


Due to COVID-19 outbreak & to flatten the curve to stop the spread of the disease, LashMania Studio will be closed and will not be accepting new bookings until further notice.
All clients are welcome to reschedule their appointments to a future date or cancel with a full refund if they feel more comfortable doing so.
Please use buttons at the bottom of your reminder or confirmation email to reschedule or cancel.
Please do your part and limit social interactions.

Gift Certificates

Eyelash extensions gift certificate gift card
Lash lift gift certificate gift card


Gift a gift of eyelash extensions or lash lift to a deserving woman in your life.  Choose from 3 different services and let her book her own date & time! 

****New Services****

Gala Lashes

Gala Lashes

Gala Lashes


 Need dramatic lashes for a special event? 

Not interested in maintaining the look with regular touch-up appointments?

Can't commit to the long lash appointment but strip lashes are such an inconvenience?

Our express service using the highest quality volume lashes will give you the dramatic evening look at 1/3 of the price of volume set and without a lengthy appointment

No commitment, no touch-ups. 

Only 60 minutes! 


Nude Lashes

Gala Lashes

Gala Lashes


 Nude lashes are like a better version of your own!

Can't commit? Want to try eyelash extensions? No time for long appointments?

It's 50-60% coverage, where we accentuate only center and outer corners of the eyes with slightly longer, slightly thicker extensions.

Using the same highest quality lash products we use for all our services, and always preserving the health and integrity of your lashes.

60-minute service for natural look lover


Ongoing Promotions

We love referrals!

If you know someone that you think could benefit from a beautiful set of eyelash extensions or lash lift, we'd love to hear from them.

Your referrals are the highest compliment you can give us, and we promise to earn their business and their referrals, as well.

Your friend will receive 20% off a full set of eyelash extensions by entering your name in the consultation questionnaire and as a thank you, you will receive 20% off your touch-up.

(all referral discounts applicable after new client's appointment )