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Exclusive Aftercare Package

Long lasting and healthy eyelashes guarantee

At LashMania Studio all clients receive detailed instructions and demonstration of how to take care of their lashes. You will get all the tools you need to make sure your lashes last long and look beautiful and healthy.
Your aftercare package includes all you need  to be educated and equipped to guarantee healthy, damage-free and long lasting eyelashes.
Many LashMania Studio clients are surprised and admit that they have never received anything beyond mascara wand from their previous lash artist !
Lash extensions are not only about how well they are applied and fabulous looking results.
Retention and satisfaction with their longevity depends on your care.
As a bonus you'll receive hydrating under eye pads for when you feel or look tired!
Your after care kit includes:
✔️ travel size mascara wand in a container
✔️sample eyelash extensions cleaning solution
✔️ extensions cleaning brush
✔️hydrating under eye pads
✔️all the cleaning tools used during your appointment, including mascara wand, cleaning wands, microbrushes and sponges.
You will never leave your appointment empty- handed. And I don't mean you get a lonely mascara wand that you will drop in your purse to never find it again!