Tips and Tricks



Want to know my top tip for getting the most out of your eyelash extensions? Clean them! That’s right,  just like washing your hair, your lashline can get oily, grimy, and even bring on hygiene related infections that may mean I’ll need to remove your lashes! Plus all of that sweat, oil, and makeup build starts to break down the adhesive! But all that is totally avoidable with cleansing your lashline regularly! I recommend using lash safe cleanser at least every other day to ensure a happy lash line and keep those babies hanging around for a long time! 

Skin Care


I geek out over a  Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE City Smart sunscreen SPF 50  ! And the great news is as long as you’re not applying your face products to your lashes or the eyelid itself (which you should never do anyways) you don’t have to worry about your favorite skincare products affecting your retention!

Make up


The beauty of lashes is just how much less makeup you need! And how much better the rest of the makeup you may or may not use looks when it’s on! Just make sure that any product that goes n the extensions is oil-free and NOT waterproof. That way you can clean  your lashes every night and not worry about your makeup affecting your retention!

Brush your lashes


Brushing your eyelash extensions is not only a must-do for keeping your

lashes looking flawless at all times, it also stimulates blood flow to your hair follicles bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to your natural lashes. I recommend brushing the tops of your lashes first to line them up, then brush them down with your eyes closed ! 

Avoid cotton


Imagine yourself walking into a big giant spider web! Eek! You know that

feeling where there’s web stuck all over you and you get the creepy crawlers like you haven’t gotten it all  off? That’s what happens when you use a cotton swab (or cotton round) on your eyelash extensions. The cotton gets caught up in the extensions and you’ll have one heck of time getting it off! My tip is to use a disposable lip wand (aka a doe foot applicator) to get in between your lashes or to remove  makeup instead of cotton.



Cars need an oil change. Teeth need a professional cleaning. Even a

killer ombre needs regular touching up! And so do your lashes! To keep

your eyelash extensions looking fabulously full and fluffy, you can

anticipate coming in every 2-3 weeks so we can safely remove the ones that have grown out and replace them

with a freshie!

Rubbing eyes


You can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. But you can’t pick

your....lashes! Tugging, pulling or rubbing your eyelash extensions too

aggressively can cause them to pull on your natural lashes. Natural lash

health is a top priority of mine, so I’ll do my part to ensure your natural

lashes are healthy and you do your part by not yanking them out! 

Lash curler


Have you ever noticed how an eyelash curler looks like some sort of medieval

torture device? Like if you stole your neighbors cow, they’d attempt to curl your lashes 12 times then banish you to a dungeon!!! The beauty of lashes is that a lash curler is just one of the many makeup products that can go buh-bye! The extensions already have a permanent curl to them so you can say “hasta la never” lash curler!

Heat exposure


Remember in the Wizard of Oz when The Wicked Witch of the West started to melt at the end of the movie. “I’m melting! I’m melting” she cried. Same thing happens to your eyelash extensions if they get to close to heat! So watch out for the 3 B’s: Barbecuing, Baking, or Blow drying to keep your lashes looking like Glinda the Good Witch! Share this with a  barbecue, baking or blow dry loving friend who needs to be cautious with their lashes around heat too!

Extensions removal


Don't risk pulling out all of your  natural lashes by trying to remove the

extensions yourself! Please don’t  believe the myths out there that soaking the extensions in coconut oil for hours on end will work! You’ll do more harm than good by trying to remove the extensions with out an appropriate remover to break down the adhesive bond. Luckily, the process to professionally remove eyelash extensions if you’re ready to take a break is quick, painless and damage free with the right products!