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You are never too old for eyelash extensions!

"I'm too old for extensions" or "extensions look fake" are the top two reasons why women over 40 are reluctant to try them.
While many younger women like their extensions longer and dramatic looking, most clients prefer them looking natural for the convenience of everyday "done-up" look, just so they don't need to spend a lot of time on their makeup and can look flawless all day long!

I promise to keep them looking natural  everyone will notice but nobody would know what's different about you! They will definitely NOT be your daughter's fake eyelashes!

If you are still unsure, please send me a message- we can discuss your preferences and design . I will help you decide if eyelash extensions or lash lift and tint suits your lifestyle more. This way you'll have all information before you commit to them. 

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About Me

My passion for eyelash extensions started after I had them done myself for years. I was immediately hooked seeing the results of this non-invasive and relaxing procedure. 

Who doesn't like experiencing instant transformation without costly cosmetic or surgical procedures?

After completing the globally renowned Lash Stylist Program provided by Xtreme Lashes Canada, I focused on refining my skills and growing my business.

I continue to stay up to date with the latest techniques by enrolling in advanced eyelash extensions training and online education.

With a background in nursing and having worked in health care for over 15 years, my focus has been on health and safety from the very beginning. Clean, sterile and safe practices are ingrained in my everyday life and work environment.

LashMania Studio is registered, insured and certified home studio accredited by National Association of Lash Artists (NALA) 

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