Eyelash Extensions

Improve and amplify the look of your natural eyelashes 

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Lash Lift and Tint

Enhance your own natural eyelashes

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LashMania Studio's Mission

Mississauga Square One Eyelash Extensions

Creating a relaxing and transformative experience for women who believe that "40's are the new 20's"

LashMania Studio provides instant transformation to enhance the eyes with naturally looking, lightweight and full lashes designed for a person who desire to look effortlessly professional and classy  24/7.

We specialize in helping  every busy lifepreneur, household CEO, second-chance'er, new-life starter, and  "I still got it" believer, who is looking to invest in herself, so she can reclaim simplistic mornings, and confidence to leave the house with minimal makeup, knowing she looks and feels her absolute best. 

In the era of women living their lives to the fullest and challenging stereotypes about aging with the simple time-saving and youthful beauty solution .

Instantly brighter, younger looking eyes

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